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Create in Me an Unbreachable Heart, O God

I’m not a rock climber, but that visual popped into my thoughts when I read Psalm 122:3 this morning. It says, 

“Jerusalem is a well built city. It’s seamless walls cannot be breached.”

I can be a literal receiver of information so I immediately began to wonder how they made the walls seamless...then it dawned on me how these walls without a foothold are the best defense ever!

There would be no crevice or crack to grip so it would be completely unscalable for a free solo climber!

As I pondered the visual, I thought, “Oh, how I want my heart to be unscalable!”

It can be so easy to allow a crack to open into the deep recesses of my heart, allowing the devil to grab a foothold through my hurt feelings.

Paul writes about this in Ephesians 4, where he warns us of the dangers of allowing anger a home in our hearts. It gives the enemy a foothold.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen expert climbers, but good ones only need a wee, little edge to leverage their way up the mountain! It is so the same with the enemy.

He's known as the accuser & slanderer & his deceitful ways only need a slight opening into the doorway of our hearts for them to sneak in & take root.

Holding onto anger overnight can be like drinking poison & expecting the other person to suffer.😳 Hanging onto anger as a dear friend only hurts us by making our hearts breachable to enemy tactics.

Walking through life with others & experiencing conflict is unavoidable. We cannot control what others do or say, but we can aim to remain unbreachable by choosing forgiveness with healthy boundaries.

If we’ve received forgiveness for our sins, past, present & future, we have no choice but to extend what we’ve received. In doing so, we keep the walls of our heart seamless!

Father, we know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us! Guard us from the snares of anger so we can forgive like You forgive & love with Your love. Walls without a foothold are the best defense ever!

Help us to keep our hearts seamless & unbreachable to the enemy’s assaults by letting go of anger & creating healthy boundaries. Create in me an unbreachable heart, O God, so I can love with your love!

💡Daniel 11:2-35

💡1 John 3:7-24

💡Psalm 122:1-9

💡Proverbs 29:1


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