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Cultivating an Unbreachable Heart

Have you ever been offended in such a way that you just want to stay hurt? Like the wound was so deep that it feels impossible to dig your way out?

I’ve had lots of opportunity this past year to learn what happens when my gut reaction leads, vs. what unfolds when I let my spirit follow the Holy Spirit when I've been hurt.

The 1st feels good in the moment, but is usually followed by hollow regret. The 2nd sometimes stinks initially, but letting the Holy Spirit lead always brings a harvest of inexplicable good, even amidst the hard.

David writes about Jerusalem, the well-built City of God whose “seamless walls cannot be breached.” The root for breached means connection of things knitted close together.

In the same way that the city walls could not be breached, we TOO as little cities who house the indwelling Holy Spirit, can have unbreachable walls if we choose.

Almost every day this week, my husband & I’ve had opportunity for division. The subject doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is how we’ve responded. When we take offense & react to each other’s reaction, a nuclear fusion seems to happen, igniting a larger reaction.🥲

When we allow the walls of our hearts, however to be like oily feathers on a duck’s back, hurtful words become impenetrable & simply slide back down to hell where they belong.

We do not war against flesh & blood. Yes, there are moments when I’d like to draw blood with a good kick in the shin😳, but it’s THOSE moments when we can choose to be 1 with our flesh or 1 with The One Who can lead us through the conflict unharmed.

If you’re married, remember you’re not in it to win, but to be one. We can’t fully BE one until we give God #1 place in our hearts.

It’s when we turn to God & say, “Thy will be done. Bless them & change my heart to love like You love me,” that our hearts become unbreachable. When we allow the Lord to reign as  #1, we experience oneness with the people we want to love AND with the ones who are sometimes hard to love!

Father, lead us to be of one mind with You! Deprive the enemy of any opportunity to breach our walls by knitting our hearts close together with the Holy Spirit. Create in us unbreachable hearts, O God!

2 SAMUEL 22:1-23:23

ACTS 2:1-47

PSALM 122:1-9

PROVERBS 16:19-20


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