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Dealing with Disappointment? To What or Whom Did You Affix Your Hope?

Sometimes outcomes do not match expectations &, well, that can be hard. Dealing with disappointment is ripe opportunity to address times when we’ve appointed hope towards someTHING rather than then our Source of Hope.

The very word, “disappoint” means to unfix or unsettle. When you think about the prefix, it means the reverse of the noun that follows, so when we feel disappointed, the hopes we appointed or affixed to something, or someone are not met & we are left feeling unsettled…it doesn’t feel good, but it CAN become good & here’s why:

Moments of disappointment remind us that there is only One Hope that does not disappoint, & it’s a Person, not a place or thing.

I’m sure the disciples felt unsettled every time Jesus spoke of His coming death & yet His death had to occur SO THAT resurrection life might follow.

Not only that, He promises a gift to fill the void. Jesus tells us in John 14: 27  that He is leaving, but in His wake, He leaves Peace of mind & heart.

He doesn’t give the facade of peace. He gives the tangible yet inexplicable kinda peace that comes from His very Presence as our Source of peace!

One of Jesus’s names is Emmanuel, God with us. Even though He is with the Father, we are in Him & He in us. When He ascended to Heaven, the Father sent us an advocate, & not just AN advocate, but THE Advocate, our Comforter & Counselor, The Holy Spirit.

Jesus tells us that The Holy Spirit has 2 very specific purposes:

• To teach us EVERYTHING

• To remind us of everything Jesus taught

Maybe like me, you are tempted towards disappointment this morning, & that’s ok, it’s what we do with it that matters.

Father, forgive us for the times we affix our hope to a little p person, place or thing. We will always feel unsettled when we do that.

Jesus, You are our Living Hope Who conquered sin & death! We lean into Your Presence today, affixing our thoughts on Your Truth rather than mere facts before us.

Holy Spirit, counsel us, reminding us of the peace of mind & heart that comes when we keep lock-step with our Lord. We affix our Hope on Him! There is no fear when He leads the way because He is The Way, the Truth & our very source of life!

2 SAMUEL 7:1-8:18

JOHN 14:15-31

PSALM 119:33-48



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