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Discontent: To Be in Want of Content

We live in what my son, Isaiah, calls, “A Fun Size House.” The first time he called it that I belly-laughed out loud as it is indeed tiny compared to our previous home.

I wouldn’t have chosen this home had I gotten what I wanted. When we bought it, we had emerged from a prolonged sifting season of hardships. The Lord allowed a series of unfortunate events that led us to the place where we didn’t have a choice but to sell our big home.

We were in such a slim pickins moment that I wasn’t even sure we could buy another house, so I began looking at apartments. When we visited this home, Markel said, “This is it!” I wasn’t quite as confident, but I followed his lead.

The move required a WHOLE bunch more sifting of stuff as we prepared to squeeze into a home 1/3 the size😬

I wouldn’t wish the process upon anyone, but it led me to a place of simple security where my family, food & shelter were enough.

Before we sold our home, while our big-daddy one was still on the market, I read this verse:

Godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.

I can’t say that I felt content in that moment. I trusted God to work all things out, but I felt like a pauper who was lacking lots.

As I prayed for the Lord to shift my perspective to gratitude for what we DID have, I suddenly had a thought:

To be discontent is to be in want of content.

I needed nothing more than God. I could trust Him to care for my family & to provide food & shelter. All else was icing on the cake of life.

When we begin to trust in money for security, our entire world is shaken if it becomes scarce

But if we really trust in the Creator of all things, then we need not feel discontent because His Word promises to, “RICHLY provide all we need FOR our enjoyment!”

Sifting seasons don’t feel awesome, but they do provide ample opportunity to prove how awesome our Good God is! I love that He continues to use our fun size house to remind me of His faithfulness. What felt like a physical downgrade was actually a holy upgrade!

Father, when we begin to crave anything more than You, do whatever is necessary to keep us from wandering from the faith into a fat cat land that can pierce us with many sorrows. Remind us that You are all the “content” we will ever need!💝

💡JEREMIAH 37:1-38:28

💡1 TIMOTHY 6:1-21

💡PSALM 89:38-52



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