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Diving in Head-first

Yesterday afternoon, my youngest, Isaiah, called after his math class to tell me that he’s on his way to meet us at the beach!  I was like a kid at Christmas as I kept looking at my phone to see where he was. When he was only two minutes out, I stood at the end of the driveway waiting for him. I couldn’t WAIT to hug my handsome guy 🤗

I think my overwhelming love & anticipation to see my son is a pale comparison to what the Father feels for us!

Just now, as I sat here writing, Isaiah walked into the room & said how he was blown away by the vastness of the ocean before us! It made me giggle

inside because I’d just read Ephesians 3 where Paul captures the ocean-like, unfathomable love of our Father!

When we trust in Jesus with all that we face, He makes His home in our hearts!

It is there, Jesus in us & us following Him, that our roots grow deep into God’s love, & just like the vastness of the ocean before me, it is only in Him & through Him that our vast circumstances are swallowed up by the vastness of His love! 

We will never be disappointed when we rest in His love. Paul exhorts us to

🌊Reach out and experience the breadth!

🌊Test its length!

🌊Plumb the depths!

🌊Rise to the heights!

We need never doubt God’s mighty power. He will achieve infinitely more than our greatest request, our most unbelievable dream, & exceed our wildest imagination! We can be confident that He will outdo them all!

Circumstances can sometimes leave us feeling like we are in over our heads. The Truth is, however, when we leave knee-deep, complacent faith & plunge head-first into the Peace & Presence of the Father, His powerful love envelops it all! He is the only One who can quench our thirst for limitless love & unshakable security!

Y’all, I sense he’s standing with great anticipation at the end of the driveway this morning, just waiting for us to turn to Him so He can wrap us in His overwhelming love!

Emmanuel, God with us, & Holy Spirit, God in us, lead us back to the Father this morning. We desire to dive head-first into the depth & breadth & height of His limitless love 💕

September 24th One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 43:14-45:10


💡PSALM 68:1-18

💡PROVERBS 24:1-2

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