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Do Not Make Permanent Institutions out of what God Intended to be Temporary

When I was little, I went on a camping trip to the boundary waters of northern Minnesota. We portaged and canoed what felt like ages to finally set camp on a dreamy little inlet. I remember awakening in the early morning hours hearing the God-made waterfall right outside my tent & thinking how I’d like to stay there forever. 🤗

Life can be like that too...we live life & work hard to land in a place that feels dreamy, like we would be comfortable remaining in that place forever & ever amen.

The reality, however, is that I would have quickly grown tired of the cold mornings, even colder baths in the boundary waters & the long walks to the “bathroom” 😂

I’m ending a season today that has been 12 years in the making. It feels like another son is graduating. Many of you know that we helped create a school called “Legacy” & today is my last day serving in this ministry. If I had my druthers, I would make this place my last career place for my remaining days, but God has other plans 🙂

I think life presents many opportunities when we might be tempted to create a permanent institution out of what God intended to be temporary 😬

Today the OT mentions the Tabernacle which was God’s dwelling place before the Temple was built. It is referred to as, “the tent of testimony”. I think it’s so cool that The Lord’s dwelling place is now within! We are a walking tabernacle - a literal tent of testimony! The question is, what do our lives testify?

The circumstances of our lives may change, but the fact that we are a tent of testimony does not. We can change the way we think, however, by letting God transform us.The word “transform” means to change by being with.

👉🏽Emmanuel is ALWAYS with us!

It doesn’t matter what things remain or change in our lives; when we let Him change our perspective! If something is taken away, praise Him. If a situation you thought was going to be permanent, changes, then thank Him! If Emmanuel is leading us to new places, then there’s no other place we’d rather be than following His lead to wherever He sees fit!

Lord, let our lives become a tent of testimony proclaiming Your goodness & testifying of Your glory! #oneyearbible

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