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Do You Ever Feel Mad that You Feel Sad? Be Careful Not to Hide When You Feel Helpless.

Do you ever feel mad that you feel mad? Or maybe mad that you feel sad?

Perhaps you’ve received hard news that’s completely out of your reach or control. You know you can’t do anything about it & yet your emotions follow the facts into the land of feeling helpless…

That’s how I felt yesterday. I’d received some personal news bytes starting Monday that didn’t settle well inside. Each day this week seemed to add another layer of hard things unfolding - things I‘d neatly fold back up & stick in an emotional box to deal with later.

When I arrived to a meeting with a friend who knows me all too well, I said nothing but it’s like the Holy Spirit in her told her everything. She didn’t even speak-she just looked in silence, waiting for me to spill the contents of all the boxes I’d piled up.

When I finished spilling the yuck I said, “I feel mad that I feel sad. There isn’t one thing I can do to fix these circumstances & yet my emotions are all over the place.”

The next thing she said stopped my blathering…she said,

“You’re not concrete, Kimberly.”

My eyes leaked then as they are now because sometimes, it’s like I need permission to be human.

As I process with the Lord this morning, I’m reminded of this one simple Truth:

He’s the only One who really knows us; the person we are when no one else is watching. He knows the ups & downs, the secret thoughts & the hurt things we try to keep hidden in our hearts.

Psalm 10:17 declares that the Lord knows the hopes of the helpless, that He hears our cries & comforts us.

Maybe like me, you have some emotional boxes to unpack with the Lord today, or maybe you have a friend who needs to be seen by God through you?

Whichever the case, we have the Holy Spirit who is ready & waiting to counsel, comfort & guide our spirits before our Father Who sees it all, hears it all & is waiting for us to turn to Him for comfort.

Lord, sometimes it feels like you are far away when hard things happen, but the truth is that we’re often the ones who hide when we feel helpless. Remind us to let feelings of helplessness prompt us to turn to You, our Helper who helps us to look up

when everything around us feels down. 💞 

1 CHRONICLES 16:37-18:17

ROMANS 2:1-24

PSALM 10:16-18


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