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Do You Ever Wonder if the Ten Commandments were a Great Set Up by God?

I sometimes wonder if the Ten Commandments were a great setup…they were given for us to follow, but I don’t think there is one person who has ever followed them all???

I mean, have you ever lied? Have you ever wanted something someone else had? Have you even worked on the Sabbath?

I think the Law & subsequent sacrificial lamb system was given as a constant reminder that we will never be good enough to get into heaven. 

It feels pointless & hopeless until you realize this: 

It served as a constant reminder of our absolute need for the coming Savior!

I learned something new about the ten commandments this morning. Right before God introduces them, He reminds us of Who He is and what He’s done:

“I am the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery.”

Our holy God rescues an unholy people who are still in need of saving from their sin, thus the arduous sacrificial system of cleansing is needed. The day would come, however, when the sinless last Lamb would be sacrificed for all sins, past, present & future!

A little bit later in this passage, He gives them an imperative & a promise.  He commands, “Build my altar wherever I cause my name to be remembered, & I will come to you & bless you.“

The 10 commandments & following imperative to build the altar were given before the Savior surfaced on the scene! We now stand after the fact & can see the intent of the Law & the command to build a simple altar to honor God wherever His name is to be remembered.

If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior & Lord, He has fulfilled the Law & NOW we carry Him as the temple of His residence! In light of what we just read, our very lives are to become altars to remember our Savior & what He has done!

Father, we praise You for Your plan to woo us back to the garden. You created us to be in relationship with You, but You also gave Adam & Eve a choice to love You or love knowledge…& their choice ushered sin into the world. Yet, You still had a plan to bring us back. Help us remember Who You are & what You’ve done to save us from eternal slavery to our sin. Let our lives become altars that give cause for remembrance of You!

EXODUS 19:16-21:21

MATTHEW 23:13-39

PSALM 28:1-9



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