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Do You Know The Baby Who Slept in the First King Size Bed?

If the writer of Proverbs 30:24 wrote his words of wisdom today, I think he would’ve included a 5th thing.

He tells of 4 seemingly insignificant creatures that are small, but unusually wise: the ant, rock rabbit, locust & lizard.

I find it fascinating that the last 2 reference kings.

👉🏽Locusts have no king, but act like an army who is following one

👉🏽Lizards are easy to catch, but can be found in kings’ palaces 😂

It makes a perfect segue for the possible 5th:

“The Baby Who slept in the first King size bed.”

William Booth once said that the greatness of a man’s power is the measure of his surrender.

Jesus, the King of kings, surrendered His royal robes to be born in a broken world for the sake of saving it.

He was born in the very area where shepherds raised the holy, sacrificial lambs, lambs slaughtered to atone for sins.

The significance is mind blowing! The shepherds would inspect the lambs to find ones without spot or blemish. Then they’d often swaddle them with cloth & place them in a manger for safe keeping 👉🏽 only so they could later be sacrificed for sins they didn’t commit!

I mean, come on! The ultimate, once & for all sacrificial Lamb was born in the VERY realm were ALL sacrificial lambs were raised! Then He was swaddled in cloth & placed in a manger for safe keeping until the day came for Him to die sinless for our sins! Upon His death & resurrection, NO MORE LAMBS WERE NEEDED!💯

Can the significance be any greater? Our Savior surrendered His divine power to be born in a stinkin stable & become the last sacrificial Lamb Who would conquer death so that we might too!

This little Baby sleeping in the first King size bed, would make the blind see, the deaf hear & the dead to live again! “The lame will leap, the dumb will speak the praises of the Lamb!”

(Lyrics from “Mary Did You Know”)

Oh Father, let us not miss the significance of the manger scenes that surround us this time of year! May they be a visible reminder of the baby that slept in the first King size bed-our sacrificial & sinless Lamb who died to pay the price for us! Draw us near to know The One who conquered death so we might spend eternity in heaven!

💡ZECHARIAH 6:1-7:14


💡PSALM 143:1-12

💡PROVERBS 30:24-28


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