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Doing Our Part To Remain Healthy | Mind, Body, Spirit

Imagine the king’s commander arriving at your door to announce that he’s been ordered to kill you & your companions. When you ask why, you’re told that the king had a dream which he won’t share, but unless you discover & interpret it, ALL wise men will be killed.

This was the plight of Daniel whose story gives fresh insight into the direct connection between mind, body & spirit. He was a strong, healthy, good-looking Hebrew man who was taken captive along with others by the Babylonians.

Upon arrival, the chief of staff began cultural indoctrination by changing their names. This was followed by a 3-year regiment of learning the language, studying the culture & eating rich food from the king’s table.

As the indoctrination began, Daniel made a request. He was determined not to defile himself by eating their food & wine so he requested permission to eat only vegetables & water. The attendant agreed & within 10 days, he & his 3 friends looked healthier & better nourished than the ones who ate the rich food. God also gave them an unusual aptitude for understanding & gave Daniel, in particular, the special ability to interpret visions & dreams which literally became a lifesaver!

He went to the king & requested a little more time to tell & interpret the dream. That very night, Daniel urged his friends to ask God to reveal the secret, AND HE DID!

I’m familiar with this story, but as I read it again, I’m reminded of the connection between mind, body & spirit. Daniel determined to keep his body fueled with food that was like super premium gas! He removed the impurities which then led to not only physical improvements, but also mental acuity AND spiritual discernment! Not only was he able to interpret the king’s dream, he did so without any details about what it was!

Culture today is so focused on external medications and precautions to be healthy, but very rarely does MSM report on the importance of water, rest, gut health, exercise, etc, to fight this pandemic. We all have a far bigger part to remain healthy than simply receiving a shot.

The question that surfaces is this:

Will we “do our part” to remain healthy and, like Daniel, become determined not to defile ourselves with cultural food & drink of our time?

💡DANIEL 1:1-2:23

💡1 PETER 3:8-4:6

💡PSALM 119:65-80



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