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Dying with Eyes Wide Open

Today I read about 2 men who died-one who TOOK his life because it didn’t go as he expected, & the other Who GAVE His life for others as He directed.

The “why” behind their deaths couldn’t be further from similar, but the one thing they had in common was they both died with eyes wide open. They saw death on the horizon & approached it without hesitation.

Ahithophel, an advisor to King David, is known for his wisdom & discernment. When his counsel is disregarded, however, Ahithophel returns to his hometown, “sets his affairs in order & hangs himself”!.😳

Jesus approaches His death with similar determination, but a completely different motive. He too “sets His affairs in order” by fulfilling at least 28 of the 300+ messianic prophesies spoken about Him between 6am & 3pm on the day He died!

If only Ahithophel knew the Messiah who was to come, maybe then He wouldn’t have taken his own life?

I’m familiar with the hopelessness, dread, & shame he must’ve felt. They’re the enemy’s playground to lead us to die with our eyes wide open to the facts before us, but not really seeing our faithful Father amidst it all.

Jesus died on purpose, with purpose & for a purpose! In fact, John 19:28 tells us that Jesus KNOWS His mission is now finished, so much so, that His last three words are, “It is finished.”

What is finished?

His life is finished SO THAT ours might begin!

Trading the Messiah’s mission for self-driven success will always leave us wanting for more. We are all en route to our own expiration date, but so here’s the question:

Will we too die with eyes wide open, but not really seeing?


Will we die with eyes wide open, knowing that the grave isn’t a finish line, but actually the start of eternity?

Oh, Father, thank you for the visual of Jesus hanging on the cross with His eyes wide open. He directed His life even unto death when He released His own spirit so that we might do the same!

Give us eyes to see that tomorrow is not promised so we may release our spirit to follow the Holy Spirit!.

May everyday this side of heaven be a day of preparation with Messiah-like mission, knowing that our pending death will be the beginning of eternity with You!

2 SAMUEL 17:1-29

JOHN 19:23-42

PSALM 119:129-152

PROVERBS 16:12-13


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