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Even if We Commit Adultery through Idolatry, Our Groom-like God will Never Fail Us

I learned a new name of God today. He is speaking to Moses on the mountain for the 2nd time. The 1st time Moses came near to God, the people of Israel grew impatient in their waiting & took it upon themselves to erect their own god. When Moses arrives on the scene & sees the adulterous worship of the golden calf, he smashes the 10 commandments in burning anger.

This time, as he stands before God with two new stone tablets, the LORD introduces Himself with an imperative & a new name. He says,

”You must worship no other god for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you.” 

We serve a God Whose name is Jealous because He loves us like a husband loves his wife!

This is the 1st place that God introduces His covenant with us as a representation of a marriage tie. There are 2 specific pillars to the covenant.



He promises to be Yahweh, their God  of compassion, faithfulness & & unfailing love Who conquers their enemies, but they must separate themselves from surrounding nations. No covenant, treaty, marriage nor friendship may be made with the pagan nations in order to keep themselves pure for their groom-like God.

He warns them that if they do commingle, that their sons will be seduced to adultery by worshipping other gods.

That is exactly what the Israelites did when Moses was on the mountain the1st time!

They committed “adultery through idolatry.”

God commanded them to destroy every monument erected to replace their Rescuer so they might worship Him in pure union.

All of the commands to keep a day holy & to remember sacred festivals on certain months are all reminders that created a rhythm of worship.

Separate & worship. That’s what we’re called to do. Even when God seems long in coming, guard yourself from erecting your own god of rescue.

Father, like my husband, I’m thankful that you are jealous about Your relationship with me. Help us to separate from little g gods that take Your place. Remind us that money, power, likes, followers & friends have no ability to rescue. Guard us from committing  adultery through idolatry. Create a rhythm of worship in our lives focused on You alone!

EXODUS 34:1-35:9

MATTHEW 27:15-31

PSALM 33:12-22


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