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Even Though Words May Fail Me, His Word NEVER Falters or Fails

Do you ever feel at a loss for words or for wisdom to know which way is the best way forward?

I do (often) & I think that uncertain feeling is what drives me to the Words of the Certain One, because here’s the thing:

Even though words may fail me, His Word never falters or fails.

Y’all, if you’re not opening the Word of God on the daily, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of wisdom that will bless your socks off!

Some think His instructions are limiting, but they ooze with His limitless love! They’re perfect, reviving the soul!

Need reviving? Open His Word!

His decrees are ALWAYS trustworthy, making wise the simple! His unchanging Word is THEE final Word on all matters, remaining steadfast regardless of cultural norms.

Need wisdom? Open His Word!

In this world of right, wrong, good or bad, His Word is ALWAYS right. It brings joy that cannot be thwarted by happenstance or enemy operation.

Need joy? Open His Word!

The commands of the Lord are clear, giving insight for living. In the many years of reading my One Year Bible, there hasn’t been a day that His Word returned void.

Need to know the way ahead? Open His Word!

God’s Word is:



~A warning to the humble heart 

~A great reward for those for heed Him

We live in a “can do” culture that lures us into believing, “I’ve got it!”, but in reality, we’ve got nothing of eternal value without God.

Our deceitful hearts can lead us into self sufficient land where we forget our need of The Word. In our stubborn independence, we forget that we cannot be saved without a Savior 👉🏽we all have ongoing need for The Word to save us with His direction, correction & encouragement!

Father, the words of our mouths can’t be pleasing to You APART from You!

Whether we read, sing or listen to Your Word, let us not forsake time WITH The Word! Revive us, teach us, bless us & lead us with Your Word today.

Even though we may be at a loss for words or wisdom, Your steadfast Word never fails or falters. Holy Spirit, we know that priority determines capacity. Help us make time with the Word a priority, for it is only through Him that we can live life to the greatest God-given capacity!

2 CHRONICLES 14:1-16:14

ROMANS 9:1-24

PSALM 19:1-14


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