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FaceTime with the Father

I’ve loved writing ever since I could write, & yet writing a message vs. speaking a message carry different weights. When I write, I have time to ponder long the words I choose & the tools I use. My hope is that it carries great purpose & creates a great effect. The receiver can refer back to it time & again to be reminded of my intention.

Spoken word, however, carries a different variable that doesn’t allow time to order words or think about their effect because it’s face to face. Whether virtual or in-person, face to face communication allows the receiver to read the speaker’s body language & to hear the inflection in their voice. It feels far more personal because you are within proximity of each other.

This is how I feel when I read God’s Word. Even though it is written, His very Presence hovers when we seek His face, whether through reading His Word or through prayers, pleas, praises and even pauses.

His Word is alive & active, jumping off the page into the deep recesses of our hearts! Every single time I open my One Year Bible, I have a giddy excitement inside because even though I’ve read these passages on this date before, it’s always fresh & applicable to the circumstances of today!

There are other times throughout the day when I might pray for discernment, praise for a victory, plea for help or simply pause to seek His face.

Y’all, I’m working on a series that I think will be called, “FaceTime with the Father”. I’ve chosen that title because what I’ve discovered over the years is that your face always reflects what you are facing. When we choose to turn our gaze from the circumstances before us to face Him, nothing may change around us, but everything changes with our perspective.

Our Father wrote the biggest love letter on the planet AND it’s ALWAYS relevant to whatever we face!

Father, we come to you this morning & praise You for Your written Word & your omnipresence! Even though we can’t physically SEE Your face, You make Yourself known when we SEEK Your face!

We cannot fathom the amazing day when we get to see You, like REALLY see You face to face. Until then, we’ll seek Your face by making time for worship,  prayers & Your Word a priority!

💡HOSEA 4:1-5:15

💡2 JOHN 1:1-13

💡PSALM 125:1-5

💡PROVERBS 29:9-11


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