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Facing a Decision? Be Wary of Accepting Evidence Alone as Guaranteed Truth.

Are you facing a weighty decision today? Maybe it’s a good thing like a sudden open door?  Or maybe it’s a hard thing like receiving a bad report? I’m facing a decision that feels unclear & the way ahead seems cloudy. I think it’s easier in the hard to understand our need of God’s consult, than when the evidence points in a clear direction.

The older I get, I understand far more how my affairs miscarry for lack of counsel. It’s not that the Lord is withholding counsel, I just sometimes forget to ask when the way ahead seems clear of obstacles.

That’s what happened with Joshua. Some unscrupulous neighbors heard how he destroyed Jericho & Ai, & resorted to deceit to save themselves.

They put on raggedy clothes & sandals, then hop on donkeys loaded with worn out wineskins & moldy bread to make the short trip to Israel.

When they arrive, they beg Israel to make a peace treaty with them. When asked if they live close by, they lie & say they’ve been on a long journey, urging the men to examine the evidence-the moldy bread, worn out wineskins & raggedy attire.

What happens next should stop all of us in our tracks with ANY decision we are about to make:

“So the Israelites examined their food, but did not consult the Lord.”😳

They accepted the evidence as guaranteed truth. The facts affirm the lying mens words, so the Israelites make a hasty conclusion without the Lord’s consult 👉🏽they unknowingly make a binding oath of peace with the local Gibeonite people.

Are you facing evidence today that tempts you to rush towards a hasty conclusion?  Be careful not to come into agreement with evidence alone - whether a good report OR a bad one. 

Let this story serve as a reminder to take God with you on your decision-making journey! Weighty concerns require caution & consult, even when the evidence points to a choice that just “makes sense”!

Father, let us not neglect Your counsel & Holy Spirit help us proceed with caution. Guard us from coming into agreement with evidence before first seeking God’s will & way ahead. Bring to mind any decision we are facing & lead us in your way forward for it is only in the Presence of Your counsel that we experience safety & success.


April 14th One Year Bible Readings

JOSHUA 9:3-10:43

LUKE 16:19-17:10

PSALM 83:1-18


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