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Facing a Fork in the Road? Let it Become Cause for Pause until Wise Counsel Speaks

Do you ever wish that God spoke to us like He did to the Israelites? With cloud by day & fire by night, they knew without a doubt they were headed in the right direction!

The other day I saw a video of a little girl talking to her daddy saying, “I don’t have a plan…do you have a plan?” At one point she begs emphatically, “We neeeeed a plan!” When her daddy suggests they talk to someone, she interrupts & says, “Nope. No, that won’t….”, then the video cuts off.

I really didn’t need to hear the rest of it anyway because I’ve had similar convos with God when I’m trying to determine what to do😳

Wondering which way is the best way is not a new conundrum. David prays in Psalm 5, asking the Lord to lead him on the right path, making His Way plain for David to follow. It’s such a simple prayer, but what do we do when standing at a fork of many ways & don’t really know where to go?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned the hard way that most times, the path ahead that SEEMS right, just might end in death, especially if I haven’t sought counsel on the matter.😬

Rather than ploughing ahead in common sense, it’s usually best to let the fork become cause for pause & ask for Divine sense!

When we’re not sure what step to take, it’s best to look back & recall the last thing the Lord said on the matter & continue in it until He says otherwise. And if all you hear is crickets, it might be best to remain at the fork until He speaks!

God still speaks today just like He did in the days of Moses, but it can be hard to hear His still, small voice amidst the hustle & bustle we allow in life! I’ve heard Him speak through His Word, movies, songs, conversations, circumstances, etc. The ways are countless, we just need to carve out some silence so we can hear & be patient enough to wait when it seems to take a while 😉

Father, faith comes by hearing so it’s imperative that we consider to whom or what we are listening! We want to follow in faith the path that doesn’t just SEEM best, but IS best because it’s been paved by The Way!

Jesus, make Your Way plain so we can easily follow, & when it’s unclear, we’ll choose to pause & praise while we wait for You to speak The Way ahead!

1 CHRONICLES 4:5-5:17

ACTS 25:1-27

PSALM 5:1-12



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