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Facing a Need? Let me Introduce you to I AM He

Mornings are like treasures. It’s here, in the still silence, that all the spinning thoughts slow down, recalibrating to the cadence of my King. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to speed ahead in mental disbelief, trying to work things out in my own will & way.

There’s a song called, “House on a Hill”, that captures what happens when we allow time to pause before our Savior & Lord.

The chorus says,

Allow Me to introduce Myself again

I'm the One that knew you before time began

I've been waiting for you to let Me be your friend

Everything you ever need is everything I am

So beautiful, right? I know Him, but sometimes I need to become reacquainted with  the everlasting & unchanging I AM.

This is how Jesus introduces himself in John 8. The people know Him as a teacher & prophet, but when He introduces Himself as, “I AM who I claim to be,” they still demand, “Who are you?”

Like, you say that YOU are I AM, but what does that really mean?

He says many things in reply, & right in the midst of it all, He says again, “When the Son of Man is lifted up on the cross, then you will understand that I AM he.”

It caused me to pause & ask, “What am I lifting up? Is it anything but He?”

It I can be easy to get caught up with the good things in life or focus on the not-so-good things, but either camp holds the same temptation - to lift the things before us, blocking the view of our state of being God Who always was, is & ever will be our great I AM.

I sense Him whispering reminders to each of us this morning, re-introducing Himself as our Source of everything…

“My Beloved,

I AM your Helper.

I AM your Sustainer.

I AM your Source of joy.

I AM your Foundation when everything is shaking.

I AM The One, when you are undone, Who holds it all together.

I AM your Messiah & Mediator, the only One Who makes eternity in heaven possible.

What I AM not, is a deserter. I will not abandon you.

Those that live in unbelief, are forever undone, when they die in unbelief. Choose this day Whom to believe.

All you’ll ever need is believe that I AM who I say I AM, The All Sufficient One.

Come! Follow Me!

After all, I AM The Way, The Truth & your very source of Life! 

1 SAMUEL 17:1-18:4

JOHN 8:21-30

PSALM 111:1-10



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