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Facing a Stone Blocking the Way Ahead? Don’t Worry! God’s in the Boulder-Moving Business!

Have you ever faced a circumstance so dire that it left you feeling a bit hopeless? Like the hard thing seemed so heavy that there was no logic large enough to move that big thing looming before you? Maybe you felt stuck with finances or a relationship that needs repair or maybe you’re waiting for healing for yourself or someone you love?

Mary, Mary & Salome did. They watched their beloved Jesus be wrongly accused, whipped,  beaten & nailed to a cross. Not only did it SEEM hopeless, death already settled in & His body now lay in a tomb, sealed behind a huge stone.

As the women walked with burial spices in hand, they asked a very important question for all of us:

“Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance of the tomb?”

Jesus told them before He died that He would conquer death, rise again & appear to them once more, but amidst their grief & despair, they forgot.  And some of the disciples even refused to believe.

Hardship can blur our vision & spur us to ask irrelevant questions. It’s ok and to be expected as we try to process facts through a lens of faith. God is patient with us & you know what?

He’s in the boulder-moving business! He can move any mountain we face, even when we lack the faith to tell it to move.

He doesn’t give us burdens we can’t bear! In fact, He implores us to give our burdens TO Him SO THAT He can care for us! Psalm 55:22

Father, we call on you morning, moon & night with confidence that you will rescue us! You love when we ask things as your children. You bend down & hear our voice! Through the death of Your Son, You ransomed us & promise to keep us safe! Whatever stone we are facing this morning, we leave the moving of that thing in Your hands!

Those ladies went to the tomb not knowing how the stone would be moved, but they came ready with spices in hand. I believe You loved their little faith that someone would come help them. 🤗 Lord, help us in our unbelief. We want to believe that You’ve got this hard thing we face! Thank you that You are in the boulder-moving business, so we don’t have to be! We proclaim our faith in You & Your timing today, preparing our hearts to receive the Peace that follows when we follow You!

NUMBERS 16:41-18:32

MARK 16:1-20

PSALM 55:1-23



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