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Facing the Impossible?

Abraham is the father of all who believe because of his unwavering belief in:

1) The God Who brings the dead back to life

2) The God Who creates new things out of nothing

Let that sink for a moment in light of any seeming impossibilities you are facing today…

👉🏽Healing that doesn’t seem to be happening

👉🏽Relationships that feel irreparable

👉🏽Bills that are big

👉🏽Circumstances that will not change by anything you do

Our pastor is in the middle of a message right now called, “Look Up!” There are many circumstances in the Bible that carry the command to look up, but Abraham is always the one that hits home for me 🤗

Romans 4 reminds us that EVEN WHEN there is no reason for hope, Abraham keeps hoping - believing he’d become the father of nations- BECAUSE that’s what God said.


Even though the womb of his wife Sarah is described, “as good as dead”, his faith does not weaken.

My pastor warned yesterday to be careful not to look OUT for too long because the facts before us will cause us to look DOWN, missing out on the amazingness of our good God when we look UP!

God brings the dead back to life AND He creates NEW things out of NOthing!

Hope in Him is the only kinda hope that will not disappoint!

So even though we run into problems & trials, we can rejoice for they develop an enduring kinda faith that strengthens our confident hope of salvation from any & all impossible boulders on the road ahead!

Father thank you for the reminder our pastor shared yesterday:

That feelings are a sum of two things:

1) What happened to you

2) What you tell yourself about what happened to you

Even though hard things have happened for all of us on some level, Holy Spirit, counsel us & weave Truth into the facts as we process. Help us not get stuck in the yuck, freeing us from worry, fear, bitterness & resentment, so full healing can happen!

When we feel like we are at the end of our rope, remind us that it ain’t over til it’s over, especially when we have a resurrecting God on our side Who creates new things out of NOthing!!

1 CHRONICLES 26:12-27:34

ROMANS 4:13-5:5

PSALM 14:1-7



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