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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. What’s Your Exodus Plan?

Did you know that the author of Exodus, the man who led the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, spoke to Jesus about HIS exodus?

I didn’t make the connection until this morning. Jesus is on a mountain top to pray when suddenly before Him appear Moses & Elijah! 👉🏽The Lawmaker & The Prophet!

Why  them, I wondered? Of ALL the people God could’ve allowed to break the bounds of death to return to earth, why these two?

Jesus came with one resolute aim in mind…not just to minister, heal, preach & teach. They were all means to an end: to become the ransom for all, past present & future!

These men already made their exodus from earth & now stood with Jesus to talk about His. The prophet speaks to the Fulfillment of ALL prophecies & the deliverer of Israel speaks to the Deliverer of ALL people about, “His exodus from this world”!!!

The certainty of the cross had always stood before Jesus, but His death day is distinctly drawing near. In this mountaintop moment with Moses & Elijah, the Father once again speaks favor over His Son, “This is my Som, my Chosen One. Listen to Him.”

I can picture it like a giant movie screen & it makes me weep…the favor of the Father, spoken so boldly for all to hear, is priceless. The Son of God, as the Son of Man, is facing the most brutal kind of death he described in detail to his disciples just 8 days before.

& yet, here, now, the Father surrounds His Son with The Lawgiver & the Prophet as a reminder & encouragement that His coming death & resurrection are about to end that law & fulfill prophecy!

Jesus came for one purpose alone: to fulfill the Law & the prophets SO THAT He might become the ransom for all who believe!

There is no other religion on God’s green earth that promises eternal life for “free”! It costs us nothing, but cost Jesus everything!

We all have a day of exodus distinctly drawing near. Do you know where you’re destined? Because of the cross you CAN! Jesus died so you might live eternally with Him. Will you accept His gift & follow him as Lord? You’ve got nothing to lose but a life without divine guidance & an eternal death apart from God & all things good. Try Him & see that He is oh-so-good!

DEUTERONOMY 18:1-20:20

LUKE 9:28-50

PSALM 73:1-28



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