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Faith Cannot Become Hall-of-Fame-Kinda Faith Without Fire

Sometimes dire circumstances erect themselves as little gods in my life, tempting me to believe more in them than in my God Who can change them. That happened last night & I wish I could say that I didn’t bite the apple of unbelief, but I did, along with a huge handful of mini chocolate bars🤢

I awakened today with a bellyache wondering if untested faith is really faith? I mean how will we really know if we have rock steady faith unless we face something that requires it?🧐

I proclaimed my faith when I made a conscious decision to accept Jesus as my Lord & Savior, turning my life in a completely new direction to follow His lead.

What happens, however, when circumstances challenge what I believe, & sometimes even tempt me to wonder if it’s all a lie? (Kinda ironic that the father of lies tempts me to believe that my holy God is a liar😳 )

I’ll tell you what happened last night 👉🏽my faith began to falter when I placed my faith on changed circumstances rather than on The One Who can change them...or not.

David’s perspective in Psalm 43 comes from the squeeze between a rock & a hard spot. He begs for God’s rescue from “unjust liars” & then proclaims, “For you are my God, my only safe haven.”

I believe faith cannot become hall of fame kinda faith without testing. This morning I thought about the 3 Hebrew men who were about to be thrown into the blazing furnace for not bowing down to a fake their very skin began to warm from the fire before them, they stood in the face of death & proclaimed, “The God whom WE serve is able to save us...but even if he doesn’t, we will never serve your gods.” (See Daniel 3).

I believe the testing of faith will be a life-long test, even to the day we die because that’s the day faith will ring true for eternity!

As David faced the hard, he was tempted towards discouragement, his heart even became sad, but in the midst of it, he makes way to God, “his source of joy.” It’s at the feet of the Father that he asks:

“Send out YOUR Light & YOUR Truth as a guide. Let them lead me to You.”

I want to be like David who made his Father his “safe haven” when his faith was tested...not a handful of chocolates 🙂

August 29 One Year Bible Readings

Job 31:1-33:33

2 Corinthians 3:1-18

Psalm 43:1-5

Proverbs 22:8-9


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