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Faith is Far More than Belief for Even Demons Believe & Tremble at His Name

Paul begins his letter to the Romans telling them how their faith is being talked about all over the world, I thought, “I want faith like that! Faith that isn’t just a one & done belief in Jesus as Savior, but an ongoing trust of my Lord in such a profound way that it makes people talk!”

I’ll never forget the 1st conversation I had with my husband about faith. We’re just friends at the time & one night I decided to wade into deep waters by asking, “What are your thoughts about God?”

He immediately replied, “Girl, if you need God you’re weak.”😳

My heart sank because I really liked this guy & yet we couldn’t be further apart on this big area of belief.

But to be honest, it was far more than different beliefs…he had this self confidence that seemed like a strong thing, but my insides told me it was maybe a wrong thing?

I’d learned early on what God did for me, sacrificing His Son so I could be made right in His sight & this is accomplished from start to finish by faith!

It is only through faith, not just belief, that we find life eternal!

James 2:19 tells us that even demons BELIEVE Jesus is who He says He is & tremble before Him, but they are not made righteous because they lack faith!

True faith involves knowing, belief, commitment & trust.

It’s not a passive head knowledge of an unknown power, but a loyal attachment to The One Who died so that we might live!

When we fully KNOW what we’ve done & BELIEVE what He’s done (in spite of what we deserve) a current is set in our mind, will, emotions & spirit, that leads our bodies in the sole direction of our Savior!

It is THROUGH faith that a righteous person has life, so when hard things happen, rejoice because it’s yet another test to build our testimony!

Y’all when our faith is built on & continually connected to our vital Source of life, it will be talked about all over the world!

Father, guard us from head-knowledge-faith. In fact, we rejoice when opportunities arise that cause us to question our faith! It’s there, in the scary moments, that our faith is strengthened as we remember Who Jesus is & what He’s done! If we trust that He is Who He says He is, then we can’t help but grow BY faith TO faith!

1 CHRONICLES 12:19-14:17

ROMANS 1:1-17

PSALM 9:13-20



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