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Fear vs. Faith

This morning I read a passage that gave such a perfect visual of enemy operation. King Hezekiah of Judah faced the vast Assyrian army who planted themselves right outside his city wall. The arrogant Assyrian mocked him asking,

“What are you trusting in that makes you so confident? Do you think mere words can substitute for military skill & strength? Who are you counting on that you have rebelled against me?”

The court administrator begged the Assyrians not to speak in Hebrew for the Judean people listening on the wall might hear-but that was the point.

The enemy spoke their language, assailing them them with bullet-like questions to make them shake in their shoes! Yet, they made no reply because that’s what their king commanded.

When the Hezekiah heard the message, he too made no reply, but rather tore his clothes in grief, put on burlap & went before HIS King & Lord in the temple.

I wish I could tell the whole story because it’s a good one! But here’s the deal-Hezekiah did not quake before this earthly enemy who intimately spoke his language.

He turned about-face & humbly prayed to his Lord.

He reminded himself Who he served, a Living God who created the heaven & the earth.

Then he asked the Lord to rescue them SO THAT, “all the kingdoms of the earth will know that You alone, O Lord, are God!”

And God did just that in a mighty way that would’ve left you speechless! In one night, the angel of the Lord slaughtered 185,000 soldiers! The site of “corpses everywhere” caused the enemy king to break camp & go home!

Satan is so stinkin’ sly. He sole mission has always been to steal, kill & destroy. Even though we battle a defeated foe, he’s like a venomous snake waiting to bite our heal by whispering sweet nothings in a language that “makes sense”.

Yet, like Hezekiah, we can choose not to give airtime to the enemy, but rather make an about-face on our circumstances to sit confident before our eternal king!

Fear tempts us to do things we shouldn’t, but faith? Faith equips us to do things we couldn’t!

Living God, deafen our ears to enemy threats & let our only reply in the hard moments be a humble & faith-filled prayer to our powerful King who saves!

September 21st One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 37:1-38:22


💡PSALM 65:1-13


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