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Feeling Burdened?

I awakened to a horizon of hovering fog my last day here at Cottonwood Lake & thought how the visual captures the inner workings of emotions.

Fog is a funny thing…you can see it & even feel the effects of it on a dewy day, but much like the wind, you cannot grasp it.

I think the burdens we carry & the emotions that follow can sometimes feel the same. We can see them & even feel the tremendous weight of them, but a lot of times, we cannot quite fully grasp them.

When the the sun peeked over the horizon, the light was almost blinding. The fog didn’t immediately dissipate, & in fact, it began to grow a little thicker for a moment. As the sun began to warm my face, however, I thought again, “What a great visual!”

Psalm 55:22 promises when we give our burdens to the Lord, that He will take care of us. We may not see an immediate solution, but when we fix our gaze on Him, letting Him bear our burdens, the foggy things we face eventually begin to fade in the Presence of His brilliant light ✨

May you take The Word at His Word this morning, walking with full confidence that He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. The way ahead might feel a little foggy, but when we follow The Way, we need not worry about stumbling in His brilliant wake.

ISAIAH 8:1-9:21


PSALM 55:1-23


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