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Feeling Dark & Lacking Joy? Remember: A Lot Can Happen in Three Days!

Proverbs 23:9 tells us that the life of the godly IS (present tense, continually) full of light & joy.

Is that really true, I wondered, because there are some days that the forecast feels dark & so do I. There are some circumstances where joy feels lost…

But here’s the thing: we are not the source of light & the joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit! We need not, no we CANNOT, decide to BE light or decide to BE joyful because we aren’t the source of either.

What we CAN do is remember this: the SONrise service that many will attend on Easter Sunday reminds us that a lot can happen in three days! I’m fact, I don’t even like to call it “Easter Sunday” but rather “Resurrection Day” because it is the day that Jesus conquered death & darkness!

The dark feelings of hopelessness CANNOT creep into the crevices of our hearts & minds when we choose to recall the conquering life of Christ!

Jesus tells his disciples again in Luke 18 that the prophecies about Som of Man will soon come true!  He will be:

✝️ Beaten

✝️ Shamed

✝️ Flogged

✝️ Killed

AND on the third day, He will rise again!

Death HAD to come so that eternal life for all might arise!

Y’all, we are ALL called to rise! Regardless of what we face, let the hard things do their work to kill all complacency, to eradicate self sufficiency & awaken in us our great need of the All Sufficient One!

Yes! We CAN indeed be full of Christ’s light AND overflowing with Holy Spirit joy when we remember that death, the greatest thing to fear, holds no threat when we know Jesus as our Savior! In fact, we can embrace our day of earthly expiration because we know that it ushers us into Kingdom eternal!

Father, we place all fears at Your feet, knowing we can entrust them to You! A lot can & DID happen in three days!

Put to death anything in us that holds us like roots & vines to our will & ways. We want to rise like Jesus, above anything we face, so that Your Light & the Holy Spirit’s joy might mark our countenance for Kingdom purposes.

Lord, come & heal our land through one surrendered heart at a time. Yes, we surrender our will even unto death for Yours to rise & prevail! We seek Your face this SONrise day! Come have Your Way!

JOSHUA 15:1-63

LUKE 18:18-43

PSALM 86:1-17

PROVERBS 13:9-10


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