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Feeling the Effects of a Stone-tied Slingshot

Picturing a stone tied to a slingshot makes me laugh with nervous laughter. Surely the slinger of the stone would know it’s tied, but picturing the effect of it makes me wince & laugh all at once, kinda like a Wiley Coyote & Road Runner cartoon 😂😬

I think a lot of people might say that we have a nation feeling the effects of Proverbs 26:8:

Honoring a fool is as foolish as tying a stone to a slingshot.😳

Regardless of how we’ve arrived to the current state of affairs, Christians have a responsibility to make God’s Word a priority. It teaches us Truth & shines a spotlight on lies so we may course correct.

His Word guards us from, “...foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights.”

Paul exhorts us to remember that as a servant of the Lord, we must be kind to EVERYONE, able to patiently & GENTLY teach difficult people who oppose Truth.

Why gently? So we might fade to the background while GOD changes people’s hearts.

People who believe lies are like one who has a stone tied to a slingshot...they keep slinging that thing & giving themselves a blind eye.

They’ve no idea that they’re concussed in their thinking, so those who know Truth need treat them with kindness to woo them to the Personhood OF Truth, Jesus Christ!

I can sling clever speech with the best of them, but what’s my aim? Truth convicts. I need only share it & then let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Paul exhorts kind & patient teaching SO THAT those caught in the land of the lost might, “escape the devil’ snare, for they’ve been held captive by him to do whatever he wants.”

Y’all, if we could see with spiritual glasses, we’d be a much kinder people! We are in a spiritual war. It’s high time we stop entering petty arguments, &  rather teach with kindness to rescue those held captive by enemy lies!

We live in perilous times where fools are honored & our world has become concussed with the rebound of a stone-tied slingshot.

A time is coming when unjust leaders & people-pleasing shepherds will pay for teaching lies. In the meantime, however, the Lord is our mighty Rock where we hide. Let’s stand on Him & choose our words wisely, kindly & with great patience so that many captives be set free!

💡JEREMIAH 44:24-47:7

💡2 TIMOTHY 2:22-3:17

💡PSALM 94:1-23

💡PROVERBS 26:6-8


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