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Finding a Place for the Lord

When my guys were little, “finding a place for the Lord” in my day seemed impossible at much so, that I printed these verses (Psalm 132:3-4) and placed them in a frame next to my bed.

They reminded me at the end of long days to make way for the King.

There were and continue to be a cazillion things vying for my time and attention, but what I knew from experience to be true, was that if I intentionally made a place for the Lord in my day, everything about my heart would change. And if my heart became aligned to His, then my thoughts, decisions, words and actions would reflects His residency within!

I read that quote about suitcases from The Daily Walk Bible. It so speaks to this Truth. We have much we CAN pack into our day, but it’s all for moot unless we make room for our Messiah!🎉

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