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Following Naked & Unafraid

Has the Lord ever told you to do something you dread? It seems so outlandish that you keep asking Him to prove it’s really Him speaking? This morning I read how the Lord told the prophet Isaiah to remove his clothes & sandals. What’s a bit mind-blowing for me is that the Lord didn’t say why.

I stopped at the period & asked what I would do. Just this week, someone posted a FB poll asking if you’d walk naked through a mall for $7,000,000. What ran through my thoughts was that I would if I blindfolded myself so that I couldn’t see people’s reactions 😂

As I pondered Isaiah’s plight, I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I think I’d be more afraid of folks staring at my nakedness than faithfully following my Lord naked & unafraid.

There was no sentence in-between God’s instructions & Isaiah’s response. It simply says, “Isaiah did as he was told & walked around naked and barefoot.”😳

What’s even more astounding is that he walked in obedience without the “why”!

It wasn’t until after Isaiah obeyed, walking around naked FOR 3 YEARS, that the Lord tells him why. Isaiah’s nakedness was a visual for the terrible troubles that the Lord was about to bring upon Egypt & Ethiopia.

Y’all I can think of countless occasions where the Lord has pressed upon my ❤️ to do something inexplicable. I just retold a story yesterday how He led me to leave the school we helped co-found & how it took me six months of “negotiating” for me to follow! 

God is so patient with us! I don’t know if He has feelings, but I cannot imagine how frustrated He must feel over our lack of faith in following.

I want to be like Isaiah-one who follows without question, with reckless abandon, even naked & unafraid if that’s what my King is requesting.

I feel a tug this morning, an internal question arising: 

What is the last thing the Lord told me to do & did I follow?

Our pastor preached on Sunday how God’s seeming silence may have a lot less to do with Him & a whole lot more to do with the fact that we didn’t act upon the last thing He said.

What’s the last thing He asked of you?

Father, help us drop the fig leaves of fake security we hide behind & return to your garden to follow You naked & unafraid.

September 15th One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 19:1-21:17


💡PSALM 59:1-17

💡PROVERBS 23:13-14

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