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Following the Lord’s Lead Can Sometimes Feel Foolish

The first day of spring sprung yesterday & with it a question bubbled:

If I were to ask the Holy Spirit what He would like to spring forth in & through my life in this next season, how might He reply?

I did ask the question & to be honest, am not a fan of the answer. It would require a whole lotta faith & even more following the Father’s lead 😬

Today when I read about Simon (Peter) cleaning his nets (probably in a bit of frustration after a night of nil fish), the feelings I had towards the Holy Spirit’s answer resonated with Peter’s.

You see, he’d spent the ENTIRE night fishing and caught nothing. Now, in the wee morning hours while cleaning his empty nets, a man steps into his boat & begins to teach. It doesn’t say for how long, but it’s long enough for Peter to receive Jesus’s instruction to let down his nets again, as ridiculous is it seems.

Peter calls this carpenter, “Master” even though Peter was probably the master fisherman. He acknowledges that they hadn't caught a thing all night, but trumped that fact with a willingness to follow Jesus into what seems like tom-foolery. He proclaims his trust with a but: The fish have been few, “but if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again.”

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit, as our divine counselor, leads us like Jesus did Peter…back into waters that were wrought with lack only to be stunned with the provision that follows!  We just need a heart like Peter’s that simply says, “Well, if YOU say so, Lord, I’ll follow…even if it feels foolish!

Where is the Holy Spirit wooing you this spring? If you were to follow His lead, what sort of provision (for you or those in your circle) might spring forth? 

Father, following You can sometimes feel foolish. It might not make sense, but remind us that it doesn’t have to because You’ve got it all figured out…all we need do is follow your lead.

Give us a heart like Peter that acknowledges You as Master & Lord over our lives! Whatever it is You’re calling us to do, may we each proclaim in trust, “… if YOU say so, I will follow.”

NUMBERS 32:1-33:39

LUKE 4:31-5:11

PSALM 64:1-10



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