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Forgiven People Forgive People

My eyes leaked when I read Psalm 130 this morning😢... this passage is a song pilgrims would sing as they ascended to Jerusalem.

The city and Temple were located on a hill, so when the people came to make sacrifices, they would climb steps.

I pictured myself climbing up to the throne of my King, Savior and Redeemer proclaiming the rest of the passage:

“I am counting on the Lord,


I have put my hope in His Word...for with the Lord there is unfailing love.

His redemption overflows...”

That word right there 👆🏽

“redemption” 👊🏽

It literally means, “to ransom”.

That’s what pierced my heart...I know oh so well the depths of sin from my past. 😳

I was destined for hell, rightly so, and yet Jesus loved me (and you) SO much that He willingly lived a sinless life SO THAT He ransom my sin-ravaged life from endless death with the payment of HIS death!

He gave us opportunity for eternal life through His willing death!

I know the SO VERY MUCH that I’ve been forgiven, so when presented the opportunity for offense, I would be a fool to do anything but extend the same forgiveness that I’ve received!

It’s like my “sacrifice” honoring the one who sacrificed His life 🤗

Forgiven people forgive people.

Ok, leaky eyes grateful for Jesus, my Lord, my Savior and my Redeemer who paid my ransom!💕


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