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Freedom Falls & Darkness Flees When That Which Was Concealed is Finally Revealed

Have you ever watched a movie where the writers make the audience privy to information that some characters haven’t quite discovered? You want to tell the characters some amazing truth that is just beyond their reach, that the angst they feel doesn’t have to be if they just knew what was coming?

It’s like anxious anticipation. You know something & want everyone in the story to know the same, but you cannot speed the storyline. I mean you could fast forward, but you’d miss out on so many key details in the plot.

That feeling right there, when the characters finally understand, is how I feel about the book of John. It is by far THEE most profound page of the New Testament that points back to the Old.

It reveals that the Word of God is not just a WHAT but a WHO! The book begins just like Genesis with, “In the beginning…” but the directional Truth that follows travels upward. Genesis writes BEYOND the beginning into the days that follow, but John writes BEFORE the beginning, outside the limits of time!

It’s like a great collision of old & new! The Old Testament spoke of a New Testament concealed, but the New Testament is like the pinnacle of a film where all things spoken in the Old Testament are finally revealed!

Jesus is the all encompassing, self revealing Truth of God’s spoken word,  BEFORE the beginning, BEYOND the beginning, even unto the climax of His death, ushering The Way to eternity!

Jesus, the Word, is the agent of ALL creation-“NOthing that was created WAS created except THROUGH Him!

As John speaks of the coming Messiah, the very Word of God is right there in the crowd, but they fail to recognize Him (v26).

The Word of God is not an IT, but rather a HIM & His Word STILL carries creative power! When we read, speak & pray His word aloud, powerful things happen!

I’m the beginning WAS The Word! He was WITH God & WAS God! Darkness is a lack of His Presence. It MUST flee when He enters, kinda like flipping on a lightswitch!

Are you facing darkness today? It must scram when you speak The Word! Let Him reveal Himself to you through His Word! He cannot wait to create a plot twist in your life that will likely be the best thing that’s ever happened! 

JUDGES 11:1-12:15

JOHN 1:1-28

PSALM 101:1-8

PROVERBS 14:13-14

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