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Getting Rid of Generational Junk

I read this quote the other day that captured my attention for days to follow:

“It’s up to us to break generational curses.

When they say, ‘It runs in the family’,

you tell them, ‘And this is where it runs out!’”👊🏽

Powerful, right? I don’t want the junk of my past to impact the generations to come, so I’ve begun praying through various things to make sure they “run out” with me!

This wasn’t the case, however, with King Jeroboam. He’s a servant who becomes Israel’s king by the mighty hand of God. The position God grants is like winning a lottery ticket, but he doesn't act like it. His crimes against God are so great that they impact his entire family!

When Jeroboam dies, his son Nadab becomes king. 1 Kings 15 tells us, that he’s openly evil before God, “following in the footsteps of his father who both sinned AND made Israel sin”!

After a mere two years into his reign, he ‘s brutally assassinated by a fellow Israelite who also kills Jeroboam’s ENTIRE family! “There wasn’t a living soul left to the name of Jeroboam!”

Talk about a generational curse!😳

So if you’re like me, you might be asking, how DO I make generational junk stop with me?

I learned a prayer at a marriage conference recently that’s super helpful.

First ask the Lord to reveal anything from the generations (even if it started with you) that is coming against your or your family:

Maybe it’s a spirit of anger, lust, greed, pride…

Once He reveals an unhealthy pattern, declare,

“I place the cross of Christ in my family line & sever all ties with _______.

I lay claim to the power of the cross, breaking the power of all demonic spirits assigned to my family line in Jesus’s name.

By the power of the cross & in the name of Jesus, I command all demonic spirits & lies out of my life AND my descendants lives👉🏽from our thoughts, emotions, relationships, marriages, finances, calling & our futures completely!

I seal this in my spirit in Jesus’s name!”

Father, break all agreements we’ve made with the ungodly parts of our natural heritage. Nail our generational junk to the cross, & reveal to us what you’d like to give us in its place!

1 KINGS 15:25-17:24

ACTS 10:24-48

PSALM 134:1-3

PROVERBS 17:9-11


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