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God Didn’t Need us; He Wanted us!

I awakened today in a 4-story house on the beach that sleeps 35 people🤩 it’s right on the ocean! When I arrived last night & wandered the property, I was teary grateful for this gracious gift. Our sweet friends are hosting this gathering to celebrate the hubby’s 40th birthday 🎉

I finally landed on the windy deck in the dark of night listening to the breaking of the waves with my friend. I felt so seen by the Lord in that moment. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that we’ve been walking through a hard season & there is no reason on God’s green earth why we should be on vacation in such a fancy house right now.

I choked on my words a bit while I thanked her for honoring us with such a lavish gift. The majority of folks here are family, but Markel, Oliver & me are simply friends. She said something like, “God is so good. It truly is our pleasure!”

This morning I read about this idea of being brought into the lavishness of a big family & how it brought God great pleasure! In fact, it says that He decided IN ADVANCE to adopt us into HIS family because it’s what He WANTED to do & because it gave Him great pleasure!

How good of God to have me read something that just played out in my life the night before! Y’all I cannot exhort you enough to open God’s Word! Jesus IS The Word & He always has a ready Word for any given moment!

He didn’t NEED us, He WANTED us! We are His pleasure!

He wanted us so much that He gave us the freedom to choose Him or choose sin & THEN purchased a way for us to return to Him through the death of His Son!

When we unite ourselves to Christ, we receive an inheritance that is far greater than anything we might have here on earth-even an ocean view 😊

Father, remind us this AM that we are part of a family that was bought with the blood of Christ. We can’t do anything to earn eternal residence in heaven, it’s simply a gift we receive from The One Who wanted us💕 Thank you for The Body of believers who are like a conduit of Your love! Flood our hearts with Your Light so we may understand the confident Hope we have in The One Who says, “I alone am He” 👉🏽The One Who makes Way for thee.💝 May our lives leak your lavish love!


September 22nd One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 39:1-41:16


💡PSALM 66:1-20

💡PROVERBS 23:25-28

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