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God Never Changes, but His Word Changes Everything

I sat in on an interview recently that left me thinking for the remainder of the day. As the interview closed, the candidate poised a question that left the room silent with great anticipation of the coming answer:

If you could snap your fingers & immediately change one thing about the organization, what would it be?

I think to the degree that her question stunned us, the COO’s answer did the same. He said, “if I could change one thing, it would be that every resident would feel cared for.”

I think we all desire that - for us & for the people we love.

His answer surfaced again as I read David’s account of our omnipresent God who knows everything about us…& STILL pursues us with his unrelenting love!

If I could snap my fingers & change one thing in the lives of my loved ones, it would be for them to know to the deepest degree that God never changes, but His Word changes everything!

Ps. 139:23-24 has been the cornerstone of my daily time with Him & here’s why: it’s an open invitation to transparency & authenticity with The One Who knows it all anyway. It’s a welcoming for Him to dig deep & reveal the hidden things, not so much for HIM to know, but for me to see the things I keep locked away.

Life travels at lightning speed, words are spoken, actions are taken, & oftentimes we don’t have time to process it all. How things change, however, when we invite the Lord to search! He loves us SO much, that He’s just waiting for us to lay our hearts bare before Him so He can reveal & heal the hidden things!

I love to begin my day praying through the two verses, & letting the things that bubble up guide my heart like a treasure hunt searching for Truth as I read His Word.🤗

Search us, O God, dig deep into our hearts, touching us with your holy fire. Let any anxious thoughts rise to the surface so you can remedy them with Truth.

Point out anything in us that’s offensive to You - do we need to ask for or offer forgiveness? Do not let us deceive ourselves…

And lead us as Lord over every facet of our lives, along your path of everlasting life.

May we make time to sit & soak in Your love, & be transformed with the Healing balm of your Word!

2 KINGS 1:1-2:25

ACTS 13:42-14:7

PSALM 139:1-24

PROVERBS 17:19-21

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