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God Never Sleeps or Slumbers so we Can!

Losing sleep doesn’t feel fun. The phrase, “losing sleep, however, is kinda funny to me because how can we lose something we didn’t receive? 

I’ve awakened several times recently with my mind racing & my heart pacing to the point of breathlessness. I think it’s due to circumstances I can’t fix.

Psalm 121 reminds us that we serve a Lord who never sleeps nor slumbers. He doesn’t need sleep. He watches over us with care so that we can! 😴

Daniel faced BIG problems-far bigger than what troubles my aching heart. His entire country was in ruins while the people lived in captivity. During that time, Daniel learns by the word that his country must lie desolate for 70 years. Talk about hopelessness!

Immediately, he dons rough burlap, sprinkles himself with ashes & begins to pray. He confesses the greatness of God. He confesses the sins of the nation & confirms God’s faithfulness for keeping His Word by doing exactly as He warned. 

He cries, begs & ends with,

“O Lord, hear. forgive, listen & act for we bear your name.”

What’s amazing is what happens the very moment Daniel begins to pray. Nothing changes in his physical surroundings. Suddenly, however, an angel proclaims,

“Daniel, the moment you began praying, a command was given. And now I am here to tell you what it was, for you are very precious to God.” 

The same thing happens 2 years later...Daniel is in the middle of a 3 week fast when an angel encourages Daniel not to be afraid because his request was heard in heaven from the VERY FIRST DAY Daniel begin to humble himself & pray!

Although our nation may not be in captivity, it feels like the world has lost its axis. There are many things in our personal lives & on the world stage that can tempt us to not receive the rest promised to us by our Lord who never slumbers.

We may feel filled with anguish at what we face, but like Daniel, it only takes one touch from our Lord to suddenly feel stronger.

Father, when we don’t know what to do, help us to fix our gaze on You! Major things happen in the unseen realm when we pray. Remind us to turn to You when we feel like we’ve got no where to turn. Thank You that You are The One Who never slumbers so that we can!

💡DANIEL 9:1-11:1

💡1 JOHN 2:18-3:6

💡PSALM 121:1-8

💡PROVERBS 28:27-28


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