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God’s Affinity for Gardens

I realized today that God has an affinity for gardens:

Sin begins in a garden.

The Savior is betrayed in a garden.

Even though Jesus is buried in a garden, the Seed conquers death, sin, & the serpent by sprouting back to life in that garden!

If Adam hadn’t chosen his will over God’s in the garden, there’d be no need for a Messiah!

Immediately after Adam & Eve sin, they become aware of their nakedness & sow large leaves to cover themselves. God, however, covers them properly, sin AND body.

Up until The Fall, man & beast were vegetarians, but when sin enters, blood is shed for the 1st time in the garden as an animal is sacrificed for their sin & it’s hide is used to cover their bodies.

Yeas later, the Redeemer retreats to another garden, pouring out His heart like water before God while he awaits His betrayer.

When Judas finally arrives, Jesus literally sets him up for a fall by asking, “Who are you looking for?”

He KNOWS they are looking for Him.

He KNOWS Judas will betray Him

 & yet He asks the question SO THAT they might KNOW Him!

They didn’t answer, “You”, but rather, “Jesus, the Nazarene”,  for they didn’t know Him.

Jesus immediately replies with a Name that sends the entire battalion back on their behinds!

 He says,

“I AM he.”👉🏽The Name known to Jews as Jehovah!

Even though they don’t know Him, they fall before God at the very mention of His Name!

They men who come to take Him by force, now

lay helpless in the garden, unable to do anything until He willingly surrenders.

The 1st sacrifice was made in a garden & now the last spotless Lamb, sacrifices Himself in a garden.

He’s later buried in a garden, but only for 3 days, for just like plant seeds, this Seed dies so that many more will sprout after He springs back to life!

I’m not really a garden girl, but I’m fascinated to learn this connection!

The fall of Adam IN the garden brings death for all, the ransom of man AT the garden is offered for all & the ascension of Christ FROM the garden, brings eternal life for anyone who believes!

The 3 greatest expressions of God’s love were given in the garden. The Great Gardener invites us to return to His garden, naked & unafraid. Will you come? #OneYearBible

2 SAMUEL 14:1-15:22

JOHN 18:1-24

PSALM 119:97-112



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