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God’s Perpetual Promise

I love when perpetual tasks pop up on my calendar. My heart literally does a flip flop when I’m reminded to change the furnace filter. It’s a once a year task & I would likely forget without the annual reminder in May!

Well, this morning I read about something perpetual that’s even more amazing👉🏽God’s perpetual promise of His faithfulness!

He makes a promise to David in Psalm 89, but the promise is perpetual because it speaks to His very character of faithfulness.

His proclamation to David is also a proclamation to us. Sometimes I like to personalize a promise by putting my name in the Truth to remind me of God’s this:

“But I will never stop loving {you}

nor fail to keep My promise to {you}.

No, I will not break my covenant;

I will not take back a single word I said.

I have sworn an oath...& in my holiness I cannot lie.” 

I love his declaration that He will never stop loving us! He is always in pursuit of our affection with His!

Just yesterday, I had a conversation about the idea that we cannot disappoint God.

In the same way that my heart longs for my sons to walk in Truth, my heart is not disappointed when they don’t because my hope is not appointed TO or even placed IN their ability to obey. I might feel sad (& want to correct & discipline them like they are 3 again😂), only because I know from first-hand experience that they are missing out on the most amazing adventure of following Jesus without restraint!

It’s not disappointment I feel as a’s a longing for them to return to the fruitful path of Truth!

I think it is the same with our Father in heaven when we go off course. He longs for us to return when we wander from Him in thought, word or deed. Our UNfaithfulness, however, will not interfere with the faithfulness of our good God!

He may allow boulders on the unfruitful path we choose in an effort to woo us back, but He will never wain in His want of us 🤗

I’ve said it before & I say it again...every humans’ most basic need is to feel secure. We will never find pure, unshakable & immovable security apart from Jesus, our Rock & Redeemer. His love for us is so perpetual that He need never set a reminder!  

💡JEREMIAH 35:1-36:32

💡1 TIMOTHY 5:1-25

💡PSALM 89:14-37

💡PROVERBS 25:25-27


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