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God’s Silence Doesn’t Equate His Absence

I may have already written about this at some point, but it bears repeating:

God’s silence does not equate His absence.

As I read the Psalmist’s remembrance of how the Lord saved him from the terrors of the grave, I couldn’t help but share the same giddy joy over the way He hears our childlike cry & saves us from what feels like ropes of death.

Today, Markel & I start our new positions together & I proclaim the Psalm as my own: “I saw trouble & sorrow. Then I called on the name of the Lord & He heard my prayers.”

 But here’s the thing: it’s been exactly 19 weeks since Markel’s last day at Starbucks & 16 weeks since my last day at the school.  Many of those weeks I felt like a wandering & lost child crying out, “Where ARRRRE You, God?”

James 1:2 reminds us to consider it an opportunity for great joy when troubles come our way. It is only when faith is tested that it has the chance to grow. It sets the stage for our Savior to save us, other Holy Spirit to guide us & our Father to love us in ways tangible & inexplicable!

The other day, Markel reminded me that had  it not been for these months of seeming silence & lack of work productivity, we wouldn’t had the opportunity to spend a week with our friends in VA, another week with other friends in FL & another week in LA with two of our sons. I could list a cazillion more things that he mentioned, but I think you get the point.

When God seems absent, He’s still there. He loves us through our friends & family, through lyrics in songs, through lines in movies & most tangibly for me, through His written Word on a daily basis!

He speaks. We only need the space to seek His face & ears to hear His whispers!

Father I think you for the seeming silent moments, because I they force us to slow down so that we might hear your gentle whispers…thank You that the silent times do not equate your absence. You are Emmanuel, God with us!

Remind us today that You are ever with us! Holy Spirit, lead us to walk in the Lord‘s presence as we live here on earth! When we don’t know what to do, fix our eyes on You! Help us to offer a sacrifice of Thanksgiving to You & to call on Your Name! Let our life become a living praise!

💡EZEKIEL 35:1-36:38

💡JAMES 1:1-18

💡PSALM 116:1-19

💡PROVERBS 27:23-27

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