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Great Change Must Occur in order to Make All Things New

Today I read of the moment Jesus foretells of His second coming. He gives great detail of the dark days that precede His Presence, & in the midst of the markers, He says a simple, yet profound sentence:

Heaven & earth will disappear,

but my words will never disappear.

The heaven & earth we know shall pass away in preparation for our coming King! I wonder if it’s not so much the substance of change, but the quality of change?

Great change MUST occur in order to make all things new! What we know to be our source of light, sun, moon & stars, will be no more.

The sudden darkness will make way for His coming! The brilliant Light of the world will return not to destroy the heavens & earth, but to make all things new!

Jesus IS The Word! His words carry a vitality & endurance that even the greatest works of nature lack. His Word can be our sure & steadfast bedrock of promise as the end draws near, we just need read it!

In the days of Noah, people felt secure & careless, knowing not that a flood cometh! They knew not, for they believed not. They went about their own evil ways probably poking fun at the one righteous man among them who spent his years preparing for the coming day of deluge.

There is much happening that feels like Jesus’s second coming is at hand. We won’t know the day or hour, but like Noah, are we ready?

Or are we like the men of Noah’s time approaching each day ignoring what is promised to come?

Our preparedness or lack thereof will affect our perspective on that day, but it won’t alter the timeline of His return. Why?

👉🏽The end of times is not further off simply because men put it far from their minds. 

Jesus’s words are not vain, empty or unaccomplished. Not one word He has spoken has ever returned void.

The heavens & earth as we know them WILL disappear, but His words will not.

Will you be ready?

Father, great change must occur for new beginnings to unfold. Reveal any places in our lives that require change. We want to be like Noah who spent His years preparing for what was to come. If the earth shakes & the heavens quake during our lifetime, we rejoice as they are simply indicators of your coming return! Let us be ready!

EXODUS 23:14-25:40

MATTHEW 24:29-51

PSALM 30:1-12

PROVERBS 7:24-27


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