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Gripping Hope Requires us to be in His Presence

Did you ever play Truth or Dare as a kid? I did once in the woods of our property in Minnesota. That one time was enough, because the “not knowing what would be asked of me“ was enough to send me running scaredy-cat through the woods away from my would-be tormentors. 😂

That memory came to mind as I read Jeremiah’s words in Lamentations 3  today:

“Yet, I still dare to hope...”

Another versions says, “I keep a grip on hope...”

His entire world had gone to Hades in a hand basket. He warned the people over & over, yet their stubbornness led to his persecution & their captivity.

Some say that Psalm 102 was written during the same time of captivity. It’s titled, “A prayer...for all the discouraged who pour out their hearts before the Lord.” It makes me wonder if the cry was written by Jeremiah himself?  Over & over again, the mourner cries for help & yet, recalls the generational, unending faithfulness of God.

He writes, “the fame of your name will be revealed to every generation!”

There will be moments in life that dare us to fear, causing us to run naked & afraid away from our Father, but God...

When we dare to believe that His faithful love never ends, that His morning mercies never cease, we can proclaim like Jeremiah did when he was in exiled captivity, “The Lord is my inheritance, therefore I put my hope in Him!”

Regardless of what we face, we can let the Presence of our faithful Father shed light on the dark places. He is our living Hope! He’s always the same & His Word promises that our children’s children will THRIVE in HIS Presence. (Ps. 102:27-28)

The challenging question is this: 

Will we dare to believe Him, will we keep a grip on the Personhood of Hope, Jesus Christ?

Here’s the thing 👉🏽 “Gripping Hope” requires us to BE in His Presence! It is IN HIS PRESENCE alone, that we AND future generations will THRIVE!

Will we make His Presence a priority? Priority  determines capacity. What changes can we make that will free up our calendar to make time with Him & the Body of Christ a priority?

Our hope & the hope of future generations depends on it! I dare you to believe how much He loves you & desires to be your Father whom you can dare to hope!


💡HEBREWS 1:1-14

💡PSALM 102:1-28

💡PROVERBS 26:21-22


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