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Habits & Boundaries Do Not Restrict Freedom. They Promote It!

Did you know that we purportedly make over 35,000 decisions a day? That’s 2,000 per hour or one decision every two seconds.😳

Unlike a computer that’s programmed with a gazillion if-then scenarios, we have the added fun of emotional, physical, relational & financial factors that cloud our decisions.

I once read that habits & boundaries do not restrict freedom, but actually promote it! When we have a habit in place, like working out on certain days, or deciding to drink a gulp of water every time we’re about to eat, it saves the mental energy of deciding WHEN to do those things or determining HOW to fit them into our schedule.

It’s almost like the habit or boundary makes a decision non-negotiable, serving as a habitual fence to make responses automatic!

In Luke 22, Jesus tells Peter & John to prepare the Passover meal. When they ask where, He gives them very specific details as if He’d called ahead. The men do not question their Lord, but walk on & find everything, ‘just as Jesus had said.’

They don't question. There is no hesitation. They take the Lord at His Word, trusting that they’d find everything, “just as Jesus said.”

How might our daily decisions change or even lessen if we approached our risen Savior with the same childlike faith?

How might our heart remain steady when “bad” news is delivered to our doorstep? Will we quake or remain confident, knowing things will end up just like Jesus said?

Psalm 90 is FULL of future promises we can proclaim with “just like Jesus said” confidence!

The Lord promises that He will:

•Rescue us if we love Him

•Protect us when we trust Him

•Answer us when we call on Him

•Be with us, rescue & even honor us when we’re in trouble!

The next time we’re facing unexpected decisions, may we approach them with a “just like Jesus said” confidence & pray,

“As I love You & trust You, Jesus, I thank You for the rescue & protection You promise! As I call on You, I await with confident expectation of Your answer! You are Emmanuel, God with me! Lead my thoughts to remain fixed on things just like Jesus said rather than the contrary things I often say to myself. I choose today, to habitually take You, The Word, at Your Word!”

JUDGES 1:1-2:9

LUKE 21:29-22:13

PSALM 90:1-91:16

PROVERBS 13:24-25


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