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Hand-Written Notes are Like Treasures That Whisper Sweet Somethings. Have Your Read Your’s Today?

So the Lord’s doing a funny thing today. I normally  write AFTER I’ve read my One Year Bible, but this AM He led me to begin writing when I saw a note from my son. It’s not a fancy, expensive card, but it warmed my heart to pieces.

There’s something about a hand-written note that will always touch the deep places-even if the penmanship is worse for wear😂 I must take my time with writing as the mixture of cursive & racing thoughts don’t always translate on paper.

I have a little photo album of my husband’s, “Dear Baby” notes from over the years-I even use one as a bookmark in my Bible. My “special bin” is mostly comprised of handwritten notes from sons, parents & friends. I often wonder why I keep them because it’s not like I often go back & read them, & when I do, my eyes leak like Niagara Falls!

I think I want to remember them & what they took the time to write, pen to paper, in case they go Heavenward before me. They’re like a written treasure, filled with vision, hope, encouragement, words of life & sometimes Truth for areas I could grow.

Y’all, I finally realized where the Lord’s leading…He’s written the greatest, Truth-filled love note for all people of all time! His Word is a ready & ALWAYS relevant word just waiting for us to revisit His sweet something’s.

Ok, I’m opening His Word now. BRB.

Wow! The NT reading begins with:

“I (Jesus) tell you the truth, those who listen to my message & believe in God who sent me have eternal life.”

What?! That’s THEE Word speaking about HIS Word with a promise! For the life of me, I cannot fathom why someone wouldn’t want to be in His Word on the daily!

In all my years of reading, this is the 1st year, since 06.01.2021, that I haven’t missed a day. This has by far been one of the hardest years of my life AND the hope in my heart wouldn’t be what it is without The Word!

The Father’s written a love note specific to you for this very season you are encountering! Open His Word & let Him whisper sweet something’s to the tender places, let Him cast vision, speak encouragement & even correction! He’s the Source of all we’ll ever need, we just sometimes forget to take The Word at His word. Will you read His word today?


May 8th One Year Bible Readings

1 SAMUEL 2:22-4:22

JOHN 5:24-47

PSALM 106:1-12

PROVERBS 14:30-31

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