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Hand-Written Notes are Like Treasures That Whisper Sweet Somethings. Have Your Read Your’s Today?

So the Lord’s doing a funny thing today. I normally  write AFTER I’ve read my One Year Bible, but this AM He led me to begin writing when I saw a note from my son. It’s not a fancy, expensive card, but it warmed my heart to pieces.

There’s something about a hand-written note that will always touch the deep places-even if the penmanship is worse for wear😂 I must take my time with writing as the mixture of cursive & racing thoughts don’t always translate on paper.

I have a little photo album of my husband’s, “Dear Baby” notes from over the years-I even use one as a bookmark in my Bible. My “special bin” is mostly comprised of handwritten notes from sons, parents & friends. I often wonder why I keep them because it’s not like I often go back & read them, & when I do, my eyes leak like Niagara Falls!

I think I want to remember them & what they took the time to write, pen to paper, in case they go Heavenward before me. They’re like a written treasure, filled with vision, hope, encouragement, words of life & sometimes Truth for areas I could grow.

Y’all, I finally realized where the Lord’s leading…He’s written the greatest, Truth-filled love note for all people of all time! His Word is a ready & ALWAYS relevant word just waiting for us to revisit His sweet something’s.

Ok, I’m opening His Word now. BRB.

Wow! The NT reading begins with:

“I (Jesus) tell you the truth, those who listen to my message & believe in God who sent me have eternal life.”

What?! That’s THEE Word speaking about HIS Word with a promise! For the life of me, I cannot fathom why someone wouldn’t want to be in His Word on the daily!

In all my years of reading, this is the 1st year, since 06.01.2021, that I haven’t missed a day. This has by far been one of the hardest years of my life AND the hope in my heart wouldn’t be what it is without The Word!

The Father’s written a love note specific to you for this very season you are encountering! Open His Word & let Him whisper sweet something’s to the tender places, let Him cast vision, speak encouragement & even correction! He’s the Source of all we’ll ever need, we just sometimes forget to take The Word at His word. Will you read His word today?

1 SAMUEL 2:22-4:22

JOHN 5:24-47

PSALM 106:1-12

PROVERBS 14:30-31


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