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Have You Ever Felt Jealous When God has Been Kind to Others? I Have…

Of all the teachers in my school years, Mr. Newhouse made the greatest impact. He had a way of making Biblical Truth come alive. Sometimes it comforted, other times it convicted & sometimes I felt frustration when I became the object lesson. 

Such was the case on a January afternoon after we’d finished our morning of swimming at the local indoor pool. I showered super fast because I wanted to be first in line for the bus. The temperature was below freezing & I wanted to sit near the front so I’d be closest to the heater.

When it was time to load up, however, he pulled the rug out from under me by telling the jokesters at the back of the line (who always took forever) that they would get on first.

I was so mad inside. It felt so unjust. After I settled squarely in the back of the frigid bus, he said,

“For those at the back of the bus, should you be jealous that I am kind to others? Jesus said the last shall be first and the first shall be last. Let this moment remind you that it’s a selfish eye that envies when God gives grace to others. Remember that He is a good God & His kindness to them is not injustice to you.”

Ouch 🤕 

Selfishness, jealousy & comparison are all strategic tools in Satan’s tool belt. He loves to sidetrack us with any of the three. My diligence was good, but my response exposed a rotten place in my heart. I was out for me & felt his kindness as unfair. 

Life can feel like that at times…we “do” all the right things to be first in line only to:

👉🏽Be overlooked for a job

👉🏽Battle feelings that trump Truth

👉🏽Have a child become a prodigal

👉🏽Face sickness or disease

👉🏽Struggle financially

It’s far easier to look at the evident blessings in others only to miss out on the biggest blessing of all - the omnipresence of our God who always goes before us…we can trust Him & His sometimes seemingly backwards ways.🤗

Lord, forgive us for the times we give in the temptation to compare & become jealous. Sometimes the opportunity for envy arrives daily! Help us rejoice when others rejoice knowing full well that You are Jehovah Jireh, our God Who provides all that we will ever need! May we be first in line for the sake of your love alone.

EXODUS 10:1-12:13

MATTHEW 20:1-28

PSALM 25:1-15



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