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How Might Our Lives Turn Upside-down-better if We Answered Every Time God Calls?

I love the movie, “Yes Man”. It’s a comedy based on the premise of saying yes to any opportunity that presents itself. The main character is in a slumpy season of life that suddenly turns upside-down better when he learns the principle of an undeterred “yes”. It’s a funny movie that begs a serious question: Can you imagine the blessings we might experience if we simply said, “Yes” to anything the Lord might ask?

Today as I read about King Josiah, I was stunned speechless by his undaunted obedience to follow God. As he begins to repair the Temple, a priest discovers the dusty Book of the Law that had been neglected for years. The very moment the King hears what’s written in the Book, he tears his clothing in despair because he suddenly knows how far his nation has drifted from God.

He immediately gathers his people & reads the entire thing to them. Then, he & his people renew their covenant with the Lord.

With passion unlike any other, he removes, demolishes & defiles every single thing used to worship other gods. The passage closes with a epitaph I long to have on my headstone:

“Never before had there been a king like Josiah, who turned to the Lord with all his heart & soul & strength…& there has never been a king like him since.”

Y’all I awakened with a nudge from the Holy Spirit to remove a small thing that could become a god-thing, but I didn’t because it seemed so drastic 😬 After reading about the zeal of Josiah, however, I wonder if that’s the point? Why hesitate? Is slow obedience disobedience?

Ok, sufficiently convicted 👉🏽I just paused writing & removed that “thing”. I wonder how much good I’ve missed because my yesses to God can sometimes be with great delay or even with a half yes?

When my guys were little, we trained them to follow quickly, quietly, completely & joyfully SO THAT they’d learn what it’s like to be “yes men” to the Lord. Apparently I’ve still got some training of my own to do!

Father, we want to become men & women who fully follow You with ALL of our heart, soul & strength! Make us your yes people who hear Your voice & follow without hesitation, because we know that Your plans are the best plans even when they feel drastic!

2 KINGS 22:3-23:30

ACTS 21:37-22:16

PSALM 1:1-6

PROVERBS 18:11-12


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