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How to Avoid Matching Crabby with Crabby

If I were to name a reaction that I’m tempted to go to when dealing with someone crabby it’d be this:

Putting them in a mental, “I’m-done-with-you box.”

I’ve been presented 3 such opportunities this week alone! If I were to grade my response, I’d say I passed the 1st with flying colors, the 2nd with a salty B & then the last? I failed miserably.😞

Every time we are presented with a crabby person, it’s EASY to react, matching their crabby with our crabby. It’s a little harder to remain silent & shove them into the “I’m-done-with-you-box”. The hardest response, however, is just that 👉🏽 a decision-based response vs. a flesh-filled reaction.

When someone comes at you with short, staccato-like words & biting remarks, choosing to let Christ IN you rise up in response & letting your gut reaction lay dead is H-A-R-D!

When I let my spirit lead my mind, will & emotions, (instead of vice versa) a visual of an extension cord usually surfaces. Instead of the dreaded I’m-done-with-you box, if I stay plugged into my Source of all things, I need nothing from the person ranting before me. I can instead become an extension cord of the Lord, loving them right where they’re at!

Jesus also gave us a visual about this! He said if anyone wants to follow Him, we must turn from our selfish ways, take up our cross daily & follow His lead. It’s not one & done, but DAILY!

Think about it, if I carry His cross, then I can’t carry mine. If I carry His Presence, I must turn from my own. When we follow His lead, the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness & self-control) will rule our response instead of our own gut reaction!

In case you’re wondering, I failed the last test with my husband. He arrived late to dinner & was crabby. I didn’t know why because I didn’t ask. I immediately became offended & matched his crabby with my crabby…right in front of our friends.😑

We’ve both apologized & all is now well, but my spidy senses are on high alert because I want to pass these crabby-people-tests with flying colors, staying plugged into my Source of peace, so I can love them right where they’re at with His love!

I’m SO thankful God didn’t put us in an “Im-done-with-you box”! Aren’t you?

DEUTERONOMY 16:1-17:20

LUKE 9:7-27

PSALM 72:1-20



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