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Hurry Up & Wait

When my son, Tommas, was little, we went to many, many acting auditions & our common phrase was, “We gotta hurry up & wait.” We would rush out the door & navigate our way with printed maps through the heavy Atlanta traffic only to arrive in some nook of the city to wait.

Most times, it was a first audition so the only communication we’d receive afterwards was if they wanted him for the role-not if they didn’t. So we’d make our way home & move on with our day, choosing to lay the outcome down because pining away about it only caused feelings of anxiousness.

I’ll never forget his first big movie audition...I kept calling his agent for an update & she finally said, “Kimberly, don’t worry, we’ll contact you if he’s landed the role.” Yikes!

It was correction & it was needed. I’m a strategist & planner so it only seemed natural to keep asking for information. If I’m honest, however, every time I did, a little uneasiness about the unknown would surface inside & I might’ve irritated his agent in the process 😳

There’s a Proverb that says, “Don’t demand an audience with the’s better to wait for an invitation...”

I’m still in a season of waiting for God’s plan for this next season to be revealed, but I can’t say that I am quite still...being still & waiting can be hard. And sometimes, when we try to rush things, we just might delay the things God has in store for us.

I am not one who likes to “sit on her hands”. I like to what do we do while we wait? We can lay down the thing we keep picking up once & for all - at the feet of our Father & trust that He has great plans for us! We can “hurry up” to worship Him while we wait for His perfect timing to arrive.

Father, forgive us for the times we demand an audience with You to lament about OUR plans. Remind us that You have well-laid plans for each of us-far beyond what we can fathom or imagine. We are excited to wait for Your beautiful invitation to step forward into what’s next when the timing is just right. In the meantime, we choose to worship You while we wait. 

💡JEREMIAH 16:16-18:23


💡PSALM 81:1-16

💡PROVERBS 25:6-8


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