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If the Bible Calls it a Sin, Your Opinion Doesn’t Really Matter

I’ve heard the term “Progressive Christianity” a LOT lately. I can’t speak about it in depth, but the very name seems like an oxymoron.

If Jesus is the steadfast & unchanging Source of Truth (Jn. 14:6), then regardless of what changes in culture, there’s nothing to “progress”, right?

If we redefine faith to fit cultural conformity, it seems to me like it’d just be another false religion.

I read a bit about Progressive Christianity this AM & learned many things. The most striking was this idea that Christians are encouraged to, “Find YOUR truth. Live YOUR Truth.”

Anytime we put a pronoun before the word, “truth”, it’s no longer truth, but simply an opinion.

👆🏽That’s worth reading twice!

•Truth is Truth.

•Jesus is Truth.

•He’s the same yesterday, today & forever so regardless of what changes, Jesus is the unchanging standard of Truth.

A pastor of a progressive church in Nashville recently stated, “We know that the Bible cannot live up to the impossible modern isn’t the Word of God...rather a product of community...” 😳

Wowza! Y’all, the deconstruction of Biblical Truth for the sake of cultural accommodation has, is & will continue to be the downfall of any nation!

The prophet Amos writes a prophecy about the fall of idol-worshipping Israel:

“Wake up you fat cows...the time will come when you will be led out with hooks in your noses...the Lord says, ‘Come back to Me & live!’”

A similar message is proclaimed in Revelation 3 where God states, “I know all the things you do & that you have a reputation for being alive – but you are dead. Wake up!”

Y’all! We need to WAKE UP! There cannot BE any sort of progressive form of Christianity because TRUTH NEVER CHANGES!

This “social justice gospel” is not the gospel, it’s simply good works lacking eternal impact.

We cannot create a social utopia here on earth. It has not, is not & will not happen because it lacks a Savior. We cannot be saved with out a Savior!

I believe any dystopia we feel is an intentional reminder of our need of Him!

Here’s the bottomline: Truth is steadfast. It doesn’t accommodate to culture. if the Bible calls it a sin, your opinion doesn’t really matter. It’s still sin.

💡AMOS 4:1-6:14

💡REVELATION 2:18-3:6

💡PSALM 130:1-8

💡PROVERBS 29:21-22


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