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If The Way We Spend Time was a Symbol & Source of Something, What or Who Would Your Life Represent?

I heard a story last night of a pre-Med student at UGA. If you’re like me, you picture a super smart guy who spends all of his time studying. And he DOES-literally from 9-5. But from 5:00 on? He  pours out his life like a drink offering among the international students who have no family this side of the ocean. 

Every week he & his roommate feed over 100 young people. He’s made his way into the lonely space of int’l students & has unwittingly become a symbol & source of blessing.

That phrase comes from a verse I read in Zechariah this morning. The Lord declares rescue of His people & proclaims,

“I will make you both a symbol & a source of blessing. So don’t be afraid. Be strong & get on with rebuilding the Temple!”

To the degree that they were formerly a symbol of a cursed nation, they would become a symbol & source of blessing!

I’ve never met Matthew, but his story inspires me! Just recently, one of the int’l students shared that of all the churches he’s attended & Christians he’s met, Matthew was the 1st Christian whose life matched this Jesus he’s heard about!

If the Lord were to speak this same imperative today, how might WE allocate our 5pm-9pm time slot?

Maybe a whole lot less of Netflix & fearful isolation, & a whole lot more of spending our lives as a symbol & source of The One Who Saves?

The Word tells us that we ARE  the Temple! The Holy Spirit resides IN us & is known as our Comforter & Counselor! What would our lives look, what would OTHERS lives look like if we intentionally used our “free” time to freely give what we received?

Maybe it’s a simple conversation with a lonely widow, maybe it’s helping a single mama, or maybe it’s feeding the hungry? Regardless of the what, we know the real need that we can meet-the Who behind it all👉🏽 The Symbol & Source of Salvation-Jesus Christ!

Oh Father, let our lives become a symbol & source of blessing! Help us to get out the way so You may minister blessing to those around us! May we be like Matthew who doesn’t see his time as “free”.  His eternal life was bought at a high price, so he’s doing all he can to honor You with how he spends it! Help us to not fear, but be strong & do the same!



💡PSALM 144:1-15

💡PROVERBS 30:29-31


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