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If The Word of God Needed the Power of the Holy Spirit to Begin His Ministry, How Much More Do We?

I’ve had a song on repeat this week called, “The New Country.” I love lyrics, They sometimes minister to me as much as the Word of God, but for some reason, the understanding of these were just beyond my grasp.

They begin by telling of an old country where roots have grown deep…a  place where it’s joys & it’s pain don’t want you to leave😬

I thought I’d processed through most hurts in my life until last night. We’re at a marriage conference that isn’t just, “6 Ways to a Better Sex Life”, but rather a Holy Spirit-inspired invitation to healing & wholeness!

I know the Word of God, but I can’t say that I’ve made the connection between wielding the Word through the divine power of the Holy Spirit!

This morning as I read Luke 3, something amazing surfaced. It tells how Jesus is about to begin his public ministry, but before he does, it lists His long lineage of the old country. With the past acknowledged, the next chapter begins with a transition: “Then, full of the Holy Spirit…” His ministry begins.

Jesus, the infallible, all sustaining WORD of God is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit! I don’t know how I’ve missed this important piece in the past, but the Holy Spirit was WITH Him, filling Him FULL!

Y’all, the Word, devoid of Spirit, lacks power. The Holy Spirit IS Divine power Who frees us from past hurts so we may step into a new land marked by freedom!

I walked through a LOT of Holy Spirit healing prayers yesterday that kinda felt like being invited unto death. I wanted to know what it was like to be free, but it was hard to leave the familiar comfortability that shame offered. (Weird, right?)

The former ways of thinking about my body & the many mistakes I’d made, marred our marriage & limited my ability to love my husband fully! With the Holy Spirit’s help, I left my life in the old country to enter a new unfamiliar land devoid of the familiarity of past pain. It’s so freeing! I’d no idea what I was missing in my marriage & life!

Y’all if the Word of God needed the Holy Spirit to begin His ministry, how much more do we?

Holy Spirit we invite you in & give You full access to our hearts! Lead us to a new country where Your power lets freedom reign!

NUMBERS 28:16-29:40

LUKE 3:23-38

PSALM 62:1-12

PROVERBS 11:18-19


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