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If We’re in Need, (Not Want), Is the Lord Truly our Shepherd?

David writes in Psalm 23 that all of his needs are met when the Lord is his shepherd. By definition, a shepherd is one who tends to his flock, ensuring they reside in good pastureland where they can properly graze in safety.

The problem of provision doesn’t come from the shepherd’s poor lead, but the sheep’s lack of following.

I heard a phrase the other day on a show I was watching. A mom was talking to her daughter, saying, “I just don’t want to get in your way…”, but the daughter quickly replied, “Mom, you’re not IN my way, you ARE my way.”

Profound, right?

I think that’s often the problem when it comes to letting Jesus be Lord. Instead of remembering that one of His literal names is, “The Way”, we see Him as getting in OUR way.😳

If you read through Psalm 23, you see all of the ways Jesus, as our Shepherd, makes a way when we let Him lead.

When we strip ourselves of logic & lust of the heart (I-want-what-I-want-when-I-want heartstance), choosing instead to let HIM lead, something extraordinary happens…we may not have all of our WANTS met, but suddenly they begin to fade in importance & the things we NEED are met in miraculous ways…

✨We find ourselves able to rest in green pastures (representing everything we need to survive & thrive!)

✨Our strength is renewed.

✨We travel right paths.

✨We bring honor to his name.

✨Even when we’re in a scary valley, we won’t be afraid!

✨We see His correction as protection!

✨We enjoy a feast of peace & joy even amidst our enemies!

✨Our life begins to overflow with blessings, and His very goodness & unfailing love PURSUE us every single day we have remaining in our lives!

✨And lastly? We will land in the house of the Lord for eternity!

Y’all, when you consider the (gisted) promises  above from Psalm 23, are any of them lacking in your life?

If your answer is yes. It just might be a matter of  Lordship - full & complete surrender of leading your life, yielding to His will & His oh-so-perfect Way!

Here’s the bottomline:

If the Lord is our Shepherd, we will have all we need.

So it begs the question:

If we are in need (not want), is the Lord truly our Shepherd? 

2 CHRONICLES 26:1-28:27

ROMANS 13:1-14

PSALM 23:1-6


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